The Effects the Emotions play in your Design - You have no Control!

Design is everywhere, We all know this. But, its whats behind the design that we fail to see the majority of the time.   Emotion is the Driving force behind most if not all our decisions and actions. Whether from a designers stand point or from the eyes of the client/viewer, Emotion is the difference in how something is received. Emotion is what makes our creations come to life.

I've thought about this a lot lately, as my emotions have been bouncing off the walls. My mood directly influences what I do that day, even if i don't recognize it right away.  If I am agitated I find that I work with wire and jewelry more, its calms and makes me focus, and the occasional stings of wire piercing my fingertips is a reminder of the work that is required to make life great. If i am happy The colors shift in my paintings or designs, if i am sad... well you get the idea. Think about it. How many times has your artistic endeavor taken a dark turn during a moment of emotional release? 

Now to play with your emotions a bit. Take a look at this image...

This is a google standby, one of the first images you see when you search for color and emotion, It shows the different colors and what they do to the viewer. It gives you the logos that follow that code and helps you get an idea of what does what. This is one of my most used guides. But, those are the positives. Look at this one.

Not everything is black and white, Get it? Each color has an emotional appeal but its all relative... someone may see that purple shade and think royalty, creativity and Pride while another person sees disgust, bruises, loathing. To each their own.... right? 

What is not often thought about in design is that each person is their own person. Instances with high emotions create memories, whether we remember them at the time or not. Each memory is triggered by different things... Sight, sound, taste, feel, and emotion.

ok, here is an example.... A young woman is driving across a bridge late at night, its rainy and dark and the radio is playing "Dream Weaver". She glances at the child sleeping next to her and smiles thinking of the little girl in her yellow dress jumping after a frog in the front yard earlier that day. In the few seconds it took her to glance at the child, a lime green car in the oncoming lane decided to attempt to pass a vehicle and it veered into the womans lane. The bright flash of lights before her brought her to attention and she swerved, overcompensated and spun the car out, waking the child.  No Crash, No injures. The little girl really didn't see or know what happened, but the young mother did and the scary circumstance has just permanently embedded itself in her mind.  Anything in this instance is a trigger, The song could evoke panic in the years to come, she may never listen to it again. The Color yellow or lime green could now cause terror from this day on, even if she doesn't recognize what memory it is triggering.  Driving at night may scare the woman from now on or rain may make her cry.  Funny thing is, She may never know that those things are triggered from that late night drive and the over emotional near miss she had.   Does this make sense?

Every person, has a different response to colors and triggers which in turn create different emotions. Those emotions are what drives us in our day to day lives and decisions.   Our memories are fickle and funny machines. But Those emotions are what fuels each of us as individuals.  You may create something with a dark scheme on a day you just wish you could hide. Someone else may see that creation and it could instill hope and uplift them asa reminder of something hard they overcame or fought.  Never be scared of what you create, someone will always hate it and someone will always love it.
Emotions may dictate what you create and they may cause various reactions depending on the individual. Its ok like that.

Ok, Click that link and read the article. NOW, Read the comments below it.   Do a little research on your own, In every blog post about what emotions you are expected to feel from an image, read the comments! Everyone feels something different based on their lives and experiences. 

You have no control on these people and their lives, No real way to guide them on an emotional journey thru your design or creation.Creating something with the express purpose of eliciting a particular emotion will only work part of the time. Even the greatest logo or design meant to appeal to a certain demographic and intended to create a certain response will NEVER work with 100% accuracy.

Don't Fret and Don't be scared. Just know, that when working with a client it is about their emotions, when working for yourself it is about your emotions. Some people will love it and some will hate it. It doesn't determine if it is good or bad and it doesn't determine what emotions you should feel.  Never stop Creating because someone feels differently than you do. Accept those differences and Accept that when dealing with the effects of emotions in design, You Have No Control!


Natures design-Google Search Spaceout ~ Emotionally Intertwined Design

Ever get lost in the Internet....


Too many times my emotions get the best of me. Whether I am working on a clients design or something of my own, my emotions are always in the way. My typical google search could take me on a downward spiral thru the rabbit hole of the deep dark inter-webs in a matter of seconds. My emotions always make an appearance, in everything i do. Yes, this makes my designs and art more me, but can it hinder and hurt those designs meant for a client?

Being a designer or an artist is about emotion, whether we want to hide it or not those emotions are what makes our art unique and meaningful.  A client may want a neutral design, simple and efficient... our emotions may take that same design spec and twist it into something different. A Simple retro logo could look like a mixture of some Art Noveau piece with country chic shab.... Is that bad?              Nope!  Working with a client is just that, work. That is why you are getting paid. To Work. Those little design nuances could very well be something that the client desires. It will take time. It will take edits but those tiny pieces of your emotion could very well filter thru the edits and become that key point in the final design. Dont be afraid of the emotion! 

A client chose you, Yes YOU, to be the one they work with for a reason. They want YOU to be a part of their dream and ideal! Your emotion is going to make a play and if your signature cant be on it in the long run, why not let your emotion be a lasting part of any project. 

When researching, and yes you will research, all designers do it, all artists do it.... countless hours looking thru google and search engines to build that perfect piece. Don't Deny it. Its not something to be ashamed of. Its your artistic method, or at least it should be. Those hours spent clicking next page and the right arrow... or show more images are what builds your imaginative database, while you may not have every image saved in a neat folder somewhere of stock images you probably will never use but a portion of, those images are in your mind and are dancing alongside your emotions as we speak.

When Researching.... Your emotions will automatically cause you to choose different images over others, your mind will preferentially lean towards that picture over the other because your emotions are leading you. Its good. 

However, All to often those clicks lead to other clicks and then you go from looking at a tetrahedron to a cathedral made from bones or a fluffy kitten curling up against a dogs tail.... Yea Your secret is out.  Your soft and your emotions rule you. Your an artist, get over it.


Ok, Ok, WHEN RESEARCHING..... Do not trust your emotions, They may rule you subconsciously but its your choice on what to succumb to. Its your emotions as a designer that will lead you down a path but its your choice to utilize any aspects of anything. Does that make sense?   


well think about it this way.... When designing a logo for an old folks home we will call "Brookside Retirement" you are in a bad mood, not because of the job but because you just bleached your favorite rock concert tee. Your subconsciously looking at dark images, Blacks and Dark purples fill the screen without you even realizing it. Your mood and your emotions are making those colors call out to you. Now, in the midst of all those images there is a bright pop of a light blue and a swirl in a logo that just calls out. Your emotions led you thru the dark and Choosing a black or dark purple colorin respect to a retirement home.... NOT GOOD! Color Theory taught us that!  But that bright blue speaks of dependability, trust and strength. Yes! That little swirl ends up being a key point in your type based logo where the B in Brook swirls into an image of a subtle stream surrounded by flowers....   Your Emotions brought you to where you needed to be but your choice determined what was best!


Bah ha ha ha! Your designing that logo in your head right now.

What i am trying to say is simply that Your emotions may send you on a google frenzy, They may make you see things differently from one mood to the next but each of those emotions will leave something that you can take with you. Something that in the long run will be beneficial to the ultimate design. It is good to be ruled by emotions, It is good to put that little bit of you in any piece you create. Intertwine your design with those Emotions! Make every piece you create meaningful!  Emotions will never hinder a design but guide it and make it stronger.


Getting lost in the internet is just like getting lost in your emotions... They may Rule us but we choose what defines our design!



A new Venture...

When there is no time like the present, even for those who have no time... LOL. Just because my degree is in Graphic Design doesn't mean that I have to express myself in just that art... Right?! Right!

I have ventured into a new realm... Jewelry. I began to create and sell my own wire wrapped jewelry, simple at first I will admit but, I will be learning and continuing to build my own style. I have found a knack and love for it. I guess maybe its just that I am expressing myself with my hands and its yet another venture for me...  I really want my kids to be proud of me and if I didn't even attempt something that I enjoy so much than what would that teach them.

My Creations

I plan on selling all kinds of things. It is Fawn Elaine Designs...(I really am happy I stuck with that brand name). From prints to packages, to textures, backgrounds and composite creations! Right now there may not be much, I'm starting slow and working hard towards my goals but, In the future my shop will have all kinds of things and then eventually once I can make enough money off of my business to not have to work full time at one job and part time at another then I will be able to sell straight from this website. Ooh the possibilities are endless when it comes to my dreams and goals and imagination.

I like to stay busy, I thrive off of it. I like to design and I love to see peoples expressions and to hear that someone else likes what I do. It falls true with everything that I create. Its not for me, Its for those who enjoy it. Those who understand and those who don't. I may not be fancy or overly flashy and my work isn't either but, Its solid and humble and unique. That is what matters. My art is me. It is the colors that make me smile, the materials that make me happy and the end result is something that I hope other people respond to and enjoy. I may not be famous for my creations now but, I am still young enough to follow my dreams. 

You bet your behind, I am not giving up on my dreams!

What dreams do you have that you have been scared to try?

Quiet time….

A quiet place to create… Does it exhist?

Ive seen so many posts and images of individual Office Spaces… Designers that have the luxury of a room specifically for their creativity and expression… I suppose eventually I may have that however, currently  I have a corner of a table with a laptop in the living room.

People use their own space to express and motivate themselves, I guess my situation is a bit different and however cluttered and not personal, It is what it is. 

These different offices each have their own style and personal touch, but Ill say it again… they each have their own space.

A simple corner would be nice… this certainly looks peaceful.

A simple corner would be nice… this certainly looks peaceful.

There is defiantly some uniqueness here… A setup I can only dream of.

There is defiantly some uniqueness here… A setup I can only dream of.

I love the cabinet!!  

I love the cabinet!!  

Now this looks almost overwhelmingly quiet…. I do like the word wall though.

Now this looks almost overwhelmingly quiet…. I do like the word wall though.

There is no quiet time in my home. 

I can't say that hate it or that I dislike the current situation, cause honestly I don't. I am in my comfort zone. I am surrounded by things and messes and bits and pieces of the family that love and support me. I am constantly reminded that I am a mom and a human and a hard working individual who against all odds has and continues to work at what she loves. I have an amazing supportive family, who might not always understand my artistic ideals but, they cheer me on and provide feedback whenever I need it.  I even have a parrot posse in the background telling me to "get to work" or "go to bed" It's a unique environment to be creative in.

So Whats the big Deal? 

Why is it so important to have a space to create or a home office?  People insist that it keeps you focused and on task. It helps to motivate and encourage the ideas and visions bouncing around in your head. It keeps you and your business organized and maintained. 

Your personal space in all ideals is meant to do just that… motivate, organize, encourage, and inspire.

The colors you choose evoke the moods you need to do your best. The pictures on the wall are meant to entice you to fulfill your goals and work orders. The organization of having everything in an easy to reach and accessible position is meant to increase productivity and flow.  Your work you display is meant to keep you at it, and loving it every second of the time your there. Its meant to help you want to work. 

I guess this seems like it makes sense. 


Quiet and peace in a house with two teens and critters that depend and demand your attention is I guess what draws people into the idea of their own office. It draws me in. I would I suppose relish the notion of a quiet corner strewn with my work and projects, shelves covered in my various mediums and tools. Walls adorned with the images and pictures I have created seem as though they might be feasible in the future but at the current moment. It is what it is. ( I love saying that)  

I am happy with my cluttered corner of the table.

I am happy. I think that is the main point here, Being happy is the deciding factor on your creativity, your motivation and your encouragement. I feel at peace looking over the top of my laptop at the sock basket and the video games the children forgot to put in their appropriate cases. I feel the quiet while they are off at school and the dogs nap on the couch and the fish tanks bubble around me. I feel love, thinking about how much my family means to me and how much I mean to them.


There is no genuine "Quiet" time, nor is there a quiet space for me but, who needs to shut out the reminders of who they are.  It may not be the perfect space to create right now but it is the perfect space for me. I am surrounded by life and love and little bits of each and every one of my main motivation. I do this because I love my family and I make the sacrifices so that they can have the things that bring them joy. 

My office space might be nothing more than a spot wherever my laptop lies but it is the surrounding space that makes me who I am and keeps me motivated. 

What about your space? 

Invisible Doors

Working as a cashier at agas station, I meet many people. Thousands of people in a week, Hundreds in a day. I happened to meet a man the other night with his own stories to share. One who piqued my inner artist and made an impression.  His name is M. Lee Mendelson and he so kindly wrote about me in his blog and even linked my webpage from his. 

"Letters from Hell" is a complex horror story that uses some of his real life experiences combined with his vivid imagination to create a story with a little bit of everything for everyone.

"Letters from Hell" is a complex horror story that uses some of his real life experiences combined with his vivid imagination to create a story with a little bit of everything for everyone.

M. Lee is a very down to earth person and from the small encounter I had with him it was evident that he has giant dreams and goals. Doing a little research I also found out that he is living in essence the "Brady Bunch" lifestyle with his family consisting of his wife and her three kids and him and his three! He is a retired Firefighter and Law Enforcement officer so you know his stories have so many stories within.  I am excited to read his book!

I have discovered that people are the key to any doors that lay before me, and M.Lee taught me that by our chance encounter. His eagerness and pride to share his story tells me that my "story" while just beginning will work out. He offered insights and help and even gave me a chance to look into working with his own publisher.

Not every door is open immediately and I should never expect that they be easy to walk through. I have to learn to Turn the knob and take the first step myself. Easier said than done considering that not all the doors are evident without a little work to find them. But, I now have renewed faith and excitement to continue with my dreams!

Thank youM. Lee Mendelson!


You can find his book on Amazon or look him up on Facebook!



Moving on after the house fire...

Starting over after you lose everything in a house fire is daunting, scary and very emotional. Ive found a few guidelines and things to help those that end up in a situation like mine. Things to remember and things to help. 

A lot of people don't realize or know what happened to me. Those that do have tried to help as much as they can or on the reverse spectrum have said horrible things or accused me of burning my own home down. Well, let me fill you in on a few things... things to help. Ill leave the full story for another blog.. I tried to start it here but, its too early in the morning to start crying.


When you lose everything to a house fire your life stops for a while, That is to be expected. BUT, oh yea big But right there, DO NOT let it continue to put your life on hold. Stay strong and keep your head high. Hug your loved ones and work on going forward. Don't expect handouts or help (although you may receive some) Work as you would normally and get on and over it. If God brings you to it, he can help you get through it. 

Now, that being said it will not be easy. There will be days you cry and days you feel as though you have forgotten until your child goes looking for their favorite cuddly stuffed animal and it suddenly dawns on you that is gone too.  Days when cooking triggers everything while you look for that favorite wooden spoon. There will be days your ok and almost make it through until late at night some random sitcom has a plaque on the wall that says some random quote about our family and home. Things will make you bawl like a baby. Random things and odd things. Memories are triggered you didn't know you had and let me tell you know... it will happen for the rest of your life.

There is something else to remember... The fire more than likely did not just affect you... think of the other victims and be support for them as well.  If your a parent be the strength your children come to when they realize what they have lost. Be the arms that hold them when the memories come flooding back. Because they will, and it doesn't hurt to cry them out.

Alright, emotionally you are shattered. The baby pictures are gone and all the memories and hard work are just charred and ash. Whether your ready or not, you need to start the work. If its a partial burn, get the lead out and the smoke smell. 

CATALOG EVERYTHING. Every room and every item. Right that down!  I've got some lists that I found that will help if you cant remember. I know your overwhelmed. Print these lists out and use them to help you. Check photographs and ask friends as well, they may be able to help too.  Please Download and print these as needed, They are simple and easy to fill out and might help jog your memory.




Clothing Boys

Clothing Girls

Clothing Women

Clothing Men

Dining Room

Extra Room

Family Room



Laundry Room

Living Room

Master Bath

Master Bedroom




My suggestion would be to keep a current inventory or a separate folder or two that has all the information on everything in your home. It may seem like a lot of extra work but its worth it if you ever need it. Keep it somewhere else, not at home. Perhaps when you do your annual spring cleaning you can redo the list each year and write down the paid for price or value of each item. It is something I only wish I had done.


If you want more help go on over to the website What Happens Now.   They have a lot of good useful information to help those of us that have endured a fire and many other disasters. Plus they have good prevention information.



 KEEP ALL RECEIPTS!!     Get estimates and keep every document you can, including gas receipts and receipts of everything you replace and anything that has anything at all to do with your home and the circumstance you are in right now. If its a partial burn, hire licensed contractors to do the work and get the smoke smell out. Its not permanent.  The folks over at What Happens Now wrote some important info about this...


Hiring a licensed general contractor, ideally one with experience in fire, water and smoke damage, is often the most crucial step toward being able to return home and regain a sense of normalcy.
“One big mistake is not choosing a general contractor quickly enough,” says Wesley Phillips, President of Bryant-Phillips Associates, a North Carolina-based licensed general contractor specializing in fire, water and smoke damages restoration.
"A general contractor should be able to assist you with securing your home, generating an estimate and doing all the repairs on the home," he continues. "The faster the homeowner selects a qualified contractor, the faster repairs can be made and the family can return home.”
Another error is trying to cut costs by doing the repairs themselves or with a friend or relative without the necessary expertise or experience which can lead to problems down the road, Phillips cautions.
Also, once the fire department has deemed the premises safe to enter, don’t delay in removing valuables and furnishings.
“The faster you get an item out, the better chance you have of repairing and salvaging it. Even though the fire is out, water and smoke will continue to damage items left inside,” Phillips says.
As for food, err on the side of caution and toss it all. Keep a running list of what you discard—frozen, refrigerated and shelf-stable items— since the insurance company needs to reimburse you for everything you lose in a fire, including food (see WHN's Food Safety Guide for more).
Phillips talks about three common misconceptions people have about the aftermath of home fires:
  • Overestimating the damage.
    Homeowners often assess damages at 100 percent when they are really only 25 percent. And it's easy to overestimate the severity of a fire because in some cases, it looks worse than it is. For example, sheet rock is designed to keep fire out and once the black and charred material is removed, it is often undamaged underneath. Almost anything can be repaired.
  • Settling for the smoke smell.
    It is possible to get rid of the smoke smell! Homeowners think they will never get rid of the smoke smell, but a good company will guarantee that they can permanently eliminate the odor. If the smoke smell remains, request additional treatment.
  • Unrealistic expectations.
    It takes time to repair a house. Homeowners need to prepare themselves for the fact that restoration can be time consuming. Since restoration can involve stripping the house to the studs and rebuilding, homeowners need to think in terms of months, not days or weeks."


BREATHE! Yup, simple as it may sound, sometimes it might feel hard to breathe. Your overwhelmed and stressed and it will all be ok in time. Just Breathe.


Here are some other useful links and helpful sites to visit.

Government and State Resources

  • Federal Citizen Information Center
    This site provides information on fire and carbon monoxide poisoning prevention tips. The Federal Citizen Information Center (FCIC) is a source for questions and answers about consumer problems and government services.


  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
    Learn about fire hazards and preparedness. FEMA prepares the nation for hazards and manages federal response and recovery efforts following any national incident. FEMA also initiates proactive mitigation activities, trains first responders, and manages the National Flood Insurance Program and the U.S. Fire Administration.


    A tutorial program from the Department of Homeland Security. Includes lists for various emergency kits, tips on creating an evacuation plan and information on natural events. The Department of Homeland Security leverages resources within Federal, state, and local governments, coordinating the transition of multiple agencies and programs into a single, integrated agency focused on protecting the American people and their homeland.
  • State Fire Marshals
    Fire marshals enforce local and state fire codes and lead fire and arson investigations. Click on your state to find contact information for your state's fire marshal. The National Association of State Fire Marshals comprises the most senior fire officials in the United States.


  • U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) – Fire Safety
    An extensive site on fire prevention, preparedness and what to do after a fire. The U.S. Fire Administration is an entity of the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The mission of the USFA is to reduce life and economic losses due to fire and related emergencies, through leadership, advocacy, coordination, and support.


Nonprofit Organizations

  • American Red Cross
    Click on ‘Disaster Services’ or ‘Get Prepared’ to learn more about fire prevention, first aid, and what to do after a fire. The American Red Cross, a humanitarian organization led by volunteers, provides relief to victims of disasters and help people prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies.

Hopefully I have helped you and you can always message me if you need to. I am going thru this and could always use more support myself, I know having a shoulder to cry on is necessary some times.

If you want more information on my situation please check out the Go Fund Me my mother set up. She keeps it updated and has been an angel to me.

Lazy days

  Too many days are spent dreaming of the perfect morning, afternoon, and evening. The day when nothing is required of you. The lazy day. It doesn't exist. 

A lazy day starts out wonderful. Lying  in bed a little longer. Pajamas are the clothing of choice. Coffee with just the perfect amount of sugar... oh crap, forgot the sugar at the last grocery trip. It's ok you've been saving that fancy flavored creamer for a special occasion, a day of nothing is such an occasion. The aroma of hazelnut spiced peppermint french vanilla or whatever you prefer wafts up and urges you to sip. That moment the steaming liquid heaven touches your tongue and the cat wraps around your ankle in a coy "I'm waiting for my breakfast but I'm patient and will give you .04 seconds before my teeth and claws dig into your flesh" causes that sip to be a slurp and now your mouth is dead from its second degree burning of the tastebuds. It's ok tho, you weren't interested in tasting food today anyway. 

Changing your pajamas is required as that warm brown stain mocking you from the front of your oversized pj shirt reminds you of the laundry on the floor in your bathroom and today is your day off. No busy work. Back to that coffee!

Returning to the kitchen the claws of death reach out from the cupboard you must have left open, reminding you that Mr Pickles the fluffy Lord of the manor requires sustenance to start his lazy day too. Fair enough, feed the fat cat. If Mr Pickles is your only child you stand a fair chance at that lazy day you've anticipated all week. If your like me.... there are a few chores that must be handled first. Mr. Pickles will enforce. 

Alright! Fish, birds, dogs, chickens and children sent off to school, and fed, and cleaned... not necessarily in that order. Let the true lazy day commence!




You've washed your face and brushed your hair, the pearly whites are clean and flossed. You even managed to put those clothes that haunted you earlier in the wash... wait, oh it's ok. One load of laundry is not going to hamper your desperately needed day of nothing. You feel awake and refreshed and eager to enjoy peace and quiet.

That book you've been wanting to read calls your name and that coffee... huh where'd you put it?   Kitchen, of course that's the obvious place... no. Oh look dirty dishes. Bathroom, ugh hubby has his cut whiskers in the sink already, and the smell. At least he is awake. no coffee. Living room, were you in there? Maybe in passing but your sure you would have noticed those toys over here and over there. The art supplies over there and all those video games, not in their cases strewn about the jumbled mass of cords and controllers over there. Coffee? No. Tomorrow, it can be done tomorrow. Today is your day.   Ah ha! The laundry room!  Oh wow those clothes are done already... you may just get them out and grab a nice warm towel to cover your legs. Cuddly fresh and cozy. Oh, no towels. Does sound nice tho. Let's put some in the wash. Why did you come in here?  Coffee?  No.   Maybe you've had enough coffee. Back to that book. 

You sit in your favorite squishy corner of the couch tuck your chilly feet beneath you, reach for that book... and knock over your cold coffee. Dang it. Well, you now know where your cup is so let's refresh your caffeine while you grab the paper towels. Oh yea... no sugar. Woo hoo more cafe caramel mocha coconut latte or whatever you enjoy, creamer! Sippin perfection, and you avoided the death trap set by the resourceful Mr Pickles from inside that empty soda box, score! Paper towels remembered, mess cleaned, side table organized and dusted, lamp shade too. Ahh that book. 

For a few moments all is right in the world, the coffee soothes your nerves and warms you up. The book you chose, Gena Showalters latest love story that breaks boundaries, perceptions, and hearts works its magic and warms you more. The dogs beside you and the cat curled up on your feet. More snuggly soft warmth. Maybe you're a little too warm. Sweating? Maybe it was the coffee, maybe it was the creamer either way your up and on the move...

At least the smell was gone before you got in there. Out of air freshener, spare under the sink. Last one, add to shopping list. Oh, yea... the whisker clippings. Cleaned and sanitized, hands washed, a quick glance In the mirror to confirm your radiance... damn him. Mirror cleaned. Back to your book...

As you round the corner into the living room the snakes of forgotten cords intertwine around your foot and you plummet face first into that pile of mismatched games and empty cases. No injuries, but those need picked up. You survived then once let's not push your luck and expect a second encounter to end the same way. That's called carpet smarts. To the book! Your almost there! Mere feet from the comfy corner currently taken over by dogs and cat eagerly awaiting your return.  Toe meet corner of the couch. A meeting most dread. One that cripples and maims and one that brings tears to your eyes. Only fitting for your day of relaxation.

Keeled over on the floor grasping your injured piggy, the children walk in the door. Caught in a moment of pain and confusion, it doesn't even register that it's four oclock until the boy child mentions food. Dinner. Did you take anything out of the freezer? You are a bit hungry yourself. Hobbling to the kitchen the pile of dishes glare at you and as you open the fridge to take food out the lack of milk becomes evident. Grocery list. Realizing the fridge doesn't harbor the frozen meats you require for the thawing of dinner, you open the freezer only to be met with the knowledge that nothing will thaw in time. Grocery store. 

Getting dressed is a requirement now and the glimpses you may have had of a day of tranquility slowly begin to fade. The short trip for sugar, milk and air freshener turns into a trip fueled by the gnawing pains of hunger rumbling from your belly. The cart quickly fills and the time flies by. You begin to load your groceries in the car and realize the milk has not been purchased. The staple of cereal and the happiness of the children in the morning threatens to crumble. A happy morning rides on that dairy product so in you go again.  

Pulling into your driveway the children come out to greet you. Talking a mile a minute about everything that transpired since you have been gone, they watch as you load your arms with bags and shut the car door with your foot. The chatter continues as you carry in the food and begin to put it all away. As you begin to prepare a simple pasta in hopes that you will have a moment to be lazy, your man walks in. His dirty shoes laid by the door his jacket draped across a chair. He worked hard today. You grab him a drink and kiss his head as he sits down. The stories the children have been telling you go on repeat as they tell their father and the quietness the house possessed earlier is shattered. Your lazy day has come and gone and while you do the dishes after dinner and pick up what was left by the arrival of your family, you look around at your mysteriously clean house you wonder how it all got away from you.  

As you pick up your long empty coffee cup, tuck your children into bed and head off to your own room you thank god for your not so lazy day.

A work in Progress...

As I finish my journey here at Full Sail University I will be updating and sharing all those little links that make me smile or think or feel. I truly hope you check back often and share with me all those little stories.