Lazy days

  Too many days are spent dreaming of the perfect morning, afternoon, and evening. The day when nothing is required of you. The lazy day. It doesn't exist. 

A lazy day starts out wonderful. Lying  in bed a little longer. Pajamas are the clothing of choice. Coffee with just the perfect amount of sugar... oh crap, forgot the sugar at the last grocery trip. It's ok you've been saving that fancy flavored creamer for a special occasion, a day of nothing is such an occasion. The aroma of hazelnut spiced peppermint french vanilla or whatever you prefer wafts up and urges you to sip. That moment the steaming liquid heaven touches your tongue and the cat wraps around your ankle in a coy "I'm waiting for my breakfast but I'm patient and will give you .04 seconds before my teeth and claws dig into your flesh" causes that sip to be a slurp and now your mouth is dead from its second degree burning of the tastebuds. It's ok tho, you weren't interested in tasting food today anyway. 

Changing your pajamas is required as that warm brown stain mocking you from the front of your oversized pj shirt reminds you of the laundry on the floor in your bathroom and today is your day off. No busy work. Back to that coffee!

Returning to the kitchen the claws of death reach out from the cupboard you must have left open, reminding you that Mr Pickles the fluffy Lord of the manor requires sustenance to start his lazy day too. Fair enough, feed the fat cat. If Mr Pickles is your only child you stand a fair chance at that lazy day you've anticipated all week. If your like me.... there are a few chores that must be handled first. Mr. Pickles will enforce. 

Alright! Fish, birds, dogs, chickens and children sent off to school, and fed, and cleaned... not necessarily in that order. Let the true lazy day commence!




You've washed your face and brushed your hair, the pearly whites are clean and flossed. You even managed to put those clothes that haunted you earlier in the wash... wait, oh it's ok. One load of laundry is not going to hamper your desperately needed day of nothing. You feel awake and refreshed and eager to enjoy peace and quiet.

That book you've been wanting to read calls your name and that coffee... huh where'd you put it?   Kitchen, of course that's the obvious place... no. Oh look dirty dishes. Bathroom, ugh hubby has his cut whiskers in the sink already, and the smell. At least he is awake. no coffee. Living room, were you in there? Maybe in passing but your sure you would have noticed those toys over here and over there. The art supplies over there and all those video games, not in their cases strewn about the jumbled mass of cords and controllers over there. Coffee? No. Tomorrow, it can be done tomorrow. Today is your day.   Ah ha! The laundry room!  Oh wow those clothes are done already... you may just get them out and grab a nice warm towel to cover your legs. Cuddly fresh and cozy. Oh, no towels. Does sound nice tho. Let's put some in the wash. Why did you come in here?  Coffee?  No.   Maybe you've had enough coffee. Back to that book. 

You sit in your favorite squishy corner of the couch tuck your chilly feet beneath you, reach for that book... and knock over your cold coffee. Dang it. Well, you now know where your cup is so let's refresh your caffeine while you grab the paper towels. Oh yea... no sugar. Woo hoo more cafe caramel mocha coconut latte or whatever you enjoy, creamer! Sippin perfection, and you avoided the death trap set by the resourceful Mr Pickles from inside that empty soda box, score! Paper towels remembered, mess cleaned, side table organized and dusted, lamp shade too. Ahh that book. 

For a few moments all is right in the world, the coffee soothes your nerves and warms you up. The book you chose, Gena Showalters latest love story that breaks boundaries, perceptions, and hearts works its magic and warms you more. The dogs beside you and the cat curled up on your feet. More snuggly soft warmth. Maybe you're a little too warm. Sweating? Maybe it was the coffee, maybe it was the creamer either way your up and on the move...

At least the smell was gone before you got in there. Out of air freshener, spare under the sink. Last one, add to shopping list. Oh, yea... the whisker clippings. Cleaned and sanitized, hands washed, a quick glance In the mirror to confirm your radiance... damn him. Mirror cleaned. Back to your book...

As you round the corner into the living room the snakes of forgotten cords intertwine around your foot and you plummet face first into that pile of mismatched games and empty cases. No injuries, but those need picked up. You survived then once let's not push your luck and expect a second encounter to end the same way. That's called carpet smarts. To the book! Your almost there! Mere feet from the comfy corner currently taken over by dogs and cat eagerly awaiting your return.  Toe meet corner of the couch. A meeting most dread. One that cripples and maims and one that brings tears to your eyes. Only fitting for your day of relaxation.

Keeled over on the floor grasping your injured piggy, the children walk in the door. Caught in a moment of pain and confusion, it doesn't even register that it's four oclock until the boy child mentions food. Dinner. Did you take anything out of the freezer? You are a bit hungry yourself. Hobbling to the kitchen the pile of dishes glare at you and as you open the fridge to take food out the lack of milk becomes evident. Grocery list. Realizing the fridge doesn't harbor the frozen meats you require for the thawing of dinner, you open the freezer only to be met with the knowledge that nothing will thaw in time. Grocery store. 

Getting dressed is a requirement now and the glimpses you may have had of a day of tranquility slowly begin to fade. The short trip for sugar, milk and air freshener turns into a trip fueled by the gnawing pains of hunger rumbling from your belly. The cart quickly fills and the time flies by. You begin to load your groceries in the car and realize the milk has not been purchased. The staple of cereal and the happiness of the children in the morning threatens to crumble. A happy morning rides on that dairy product so in you go again.  

Pulling into your driveway the children come out to greet you. Talking a mile a minute about everything that transpired since you have been gone, they watch as you load your arms with bags and shut the car door with your foot. The chatter continues as you carry in the food and begin to put it all away. As you begin to prepare a simple pasta in hopes that you will have a moment to be lazy, your man walks in. His dirty shoes laid by the door his jacket draped across a chair. He worked hard today. You grab him a drink and kiss his head as he sits down. The stories the children have been telling you go on repeat as they tell their father and the quietness the house possessed earlier is shattered. Your lazy day has come and gone and while you do the dishes after dinner and pick up what was left by the arrival of your family, you look around at your mysteriously clean house you wonder how it all got away from you.  

As you pick up your long empty coffee cup, tuck your children into bed and head off to your own room you thank god for your not so lazy day.