A new Venture...

When there is no time like the present, even for those who have no time... LOL. Just because my degree is in Graphic Design doesn't mean that I have to express myself in just that art... Right?! Right!

I have ventured into a new realm... Jewelry. I began to create and sell my own wire wrapped jewelry, simple at first I will admit but, I will be learning and continuing to build my own style. I have found a knack and love for it. I guess maybe its just that I am expressing myself with my hands and its yet another venture for me...  I really want my kids to be proud of me and if I didn't even attempt something that I enjoy so much than what would that teach them.

My Creations

I plan on selling all kinds of things. It is Fawn Elaine Designs...(I really am happy I stuck with that brand name). From prints to packages, to textures, backgrounds and composite creations! Right now there may not be much, I'm starting slow and working hard towards my goals but, In the future my shop will have all kinds of things and then eventually once I can make enough money off of my business to not have to work full time at one job and part time at another then I will be able to sell straight from this website. Ooh the possibilities are endless when it comes to my dreams and goals and imagination.

I like to stay busy, I thrive off of it. I like to design and I love to see peoples expressions and to hear that someone else likes what I do. It falls true with everything that I create. Its not for me, Its for those who enjoy it. Those who understand and those who don't. I may not be fancy or overly flashy and my work isn't either but, Its solid and humble and unique. That is what matters. My art is me. It is the colors that make me smile, the materials that make me happy and the end result is something that I hope other people respond to and enjoy. I may not be famous for my creations now but, I am still young enough to follow my dreams. 

You bet your behind, I am not giving up on my dreams!

What dreams do you have that you have been scared to try?