Natures design-Google Search Spaceout ~ Emotionally Intertwined Design

Ever get lost in the Internet....


Too many times my emotions get the best of me. Whether I am working on a clients design or something of my own, my emotions are always in the way. My typical google search could take me on a downward spiral thru the rabbit hole of the deep dark inter-webs in a matter of seconds. My emotions always make an appearance, in everything i do. Yes, this makes my designs and art more me, but can it hinder and hurt those designs meant for a client?

Being a designer or an artist is about emotion, whether we want to hide it or not those emotions are what makes our art unique and meaningful.  A client may want a neutral design, simple and efficient... our emotions may take that same design spec and twist it into something different. A Simple retro logo could look like a mixture of some Art Noveau piece with country chic shab.... Is that bad?              Nope!  Working with a client is just that, work. That is why you are getting paid. To Work. Those little design nuances could very well be something that the client desires. It will take time. It will take edits but those tiny pieces of your emotion could very well filter thru the edits and become that key point in the final design. Dont be afraid of the emotion! 

A client chose you, Yes YOU, to be the one they work with for a reason. They want YOU to be a part of their dream and ideal! Your emotion is going to make a play and if your signature cant be on it in the long run, why not let your emotion be a lasting part of any project. 

When researching, and yes you will research, all designers do it, all artists do it.... countless hours looking thru google and search engines to build that perfect piece. Don't Deny it. Its not something to be ashamed of. Its your artistic method, or at least it should be. Those hours spent clicking next page and the right arrow... or show more images are what builds your imaginative database, while you may not have every image saved in a neat folder somewhere of stock images you probably will never use but a portion of, those images are in your mind and are dancing alongside your emotions as we speak.

When Researching.... Your emotions will automatically cause you to choose different images over others, your mind will preferentially lean towards that picture over the other because your emotions are leading you. Its good. 

However, All to often those clicks lead to other clicks and then you go from looking at a tetrahedron to a cathedral made from bones or a fluffy kitten curling up against a dogs tail.... Yea Your secret is out.  Your soft and your emotions rule you. Your an artist, get over it.


Ok, Ok, WHEN RESEARCHING..... Do not trust your emotions, They may rule you subconsciously but its your choice on what to succumb to. Its your emotions as a designer that will lead you down a path but its your choice to utilize any aspects of anything. Does that make sense?   


well think about it this way.... When designing a logo for an old folks home we will call "Brookside Retirement" you are in a bad mood, not because of the job but because you just bleached your favorite rock concert tee. Your subconsciously looking at dark images, Blacks and Dark purples fill the screen without you even realizing it. Your mood and your emotions are making those colors call out to you. Now, in the midst of all those images there is a bright pop of a light blue and a swirl in a logo that just calls out. Your emotions led you thru the dark and Choosing a black or dark purple colorin respect to a retirement home.... NOT GOOD! Color Theory taught us that!  But that bright blue speaks of dependability, trust and strength. Yes! That little swirl ends up being a key point in your type based logo where the B in Brook swirls into an image of a subtle stream surrounded by flowers....   Your Emotions brought you to where you needed to be but your choice determined what was best!


Bah ha ha ha! Your designing that logo in your head right now.

What i am trying to say is simply that Your emotions may send you on a google frenzy, They may make you see things differently from one mood to the next but each of those emotions will leave something that you can take with you. Something that in the long run will be beneficial to the ultimate design. It is good to be ruled by emotions, It is good to put that little bit of you in any piece you create. Intertwine your design with those Emotions! Make every piece you create meaningful!  Emotions will never hinder a design but guide it and make it stronger.


Getting lost in the internet is just like getting lost in your emotions... They may Rule us but we choose what defines our design!