Hekate Skate Deck

Hekate Skate Deck


A school project on branding led to the creation of Hekate Skate and ultimately to the creation of This piece The Hekate Skate Deck. The wolves represent her black dog companions.

Painted on an actual skate board deck, I used acrylics and spray paint to bring my idea to life.
32' x 15'

In Greece she was a pre-Olympian Goddess who aided Zeus in the battle against the Titans. He shared some of his power to with her in return.

Originally she was Goddess of the wild places, childbirth and the crossroads. These are all in between spaces that are associated with the spirit world; for the wilderness is not yet tame, birth is the moment of life where death stands in waiting and the three ways cross roads intersect at a point that is between all the directions. She was called upon by the ancients to provide protection and wisdom at these critical points.

As the in between spaces are the places where the veils between the worlds traditionally believed to be at their thinnest they are also associated with witches, magic and ghosts. From these links she gained the titles of Queen of witches and Queen of Ghosts and became a crone Goddess.

Today she is considered to be a Goddess of crossroads as offerings were made to her on the night of the new moon. Hence she is also Queen of the night as she is linked to the darkest night.

It was Hecate who heard the screams of Persephone as she was kidnapped by Hades. Later she became a good friend of Persephone, visiting her in the underworld.

She is the patron Goddess of Stratonikea.

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