Nephrite Jade Wire Wrapped Pendant

Nephrite Jade Wire Wrapped Pendant


A dark Green Gemstone with Silver wire wrapped tightly around it, this pendant is less than an inch big and sits nicely on a leather cord. Flowing lines and sharp angles hug this semi-precious stone tightly.

Since ancient times, nephrite jade has been used by many cultures for its powers. It was often used in burial ceremonies, since jade was believed to be an 'imperial gem'. Jade is believed to represent beauty, purity and grace. According to legend, after man was created, he wandered the earth weaponless and vulnerable to attacks from wild animals. The Storm God took pity on him and forged axes made of jade from a rainbow. The Storm God tossed these jade weapons to Earth for man to find and use as weapons of protection. In the Maori language, nephrite jade is known as 'pounamu'; it is highly prized throughout the Maori culture and is protected under the Treaty of Waitangi. Maori weapons were made of nephrite and often handed down as heirlooms as the jade weapons were believed to hold very special power or 'mana'.

Nephrite today is believed to be a stone of dreams. It is thought that it can bless whatever it touches. Depending on the actual color of the gem, it can possess a variety of powers. Physically, nephrite is said to be a restorative stone. It is also very useful for cleansing the body, especially the kidneys, liver and spleen. Nephrite is thought to be especially helpful for joint and bone related pain, and is also often used to help fight viral and bacterial infections.

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