Silver wire wrapped Tree of Life with Quartz moon and Hematite ring

Silver wire wrapped Tree of Life with Quartz moon and Hematite ring


The Tree of Life represents the interconnection between all life on our planet. It unites heaven and earth and is honored as a universal symbol for healing, growth, the seasons of life, and the magical qualities of nature.
The tree of life symbol has been used as in science, religion, philosophy, and mythology. Depending on what you desire or what you are wishing for, the Tree of Life can represent so many things...

Wealth and Prosperity.

A beautiful hand made and hand wrapped wire tree of life with a Quartz stone nestled among the branches representing the moon. A round hematite ring adorns the top of the pendant bringing the meaning into a deeper realm.

- 1 in diameter
- Genuine black leather cord included
- a symbol of inspiration and encouragement

The circle will represent being inclusive, whole, and united. It symbolizes focus and cycles. The circle nurtures and begins things and is perfect. It can represent the womb. It symbolizes being complete. It is a symbol of revolution, of being centered and mobile. It is a symbol of forever.

The meaning of the circle as a symbol is universal. It is seen as a divine sign, sacred to several cultures. It symbolizes the ongoing energy found in nature. It symbolizes the way the universe includes everything.

The Tree of Life is known by many names such as the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil from the Garden of Eden; Yggdrasil, World Ash Tree, Odin's Gallows, Thor's Oak; Axis Mundi, the Navel of the World, the bridge between Heaven and Earth, the Cosmic Tree, Ashwath Vriksha or Banyan Tree, Jian tree, Sacred Fig, Bodhi Tree - all of these are representations of the same theme. From Norse mythology, to Christian, Gnostic, Jewish and Hindu religions and traditions the Tree is also found in sacred texts including the Kabbalah, and dates back to pre-Christian myths of Germanic and other European people. The imagery appears in myths of Russia, Greece, China and more! It's truly a universal symbol.

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